A Quick Note: Critique Partners or The Best Thing Since Bacon

As release day approaches for my first book, Girl with Guitar, I’m getting a little emotional. Okay, so I’m staring at the cover and crying. A lot.

Because here’s the thing. If some really exceptional ladies hadn’t given me some serious advice and offered to design the cover, convert it to an eBook, help me with print layout, re-read updated scenes for the gillionth time, tell me to ditch cheesy chapter titles…it wouldn’t be worth putting out there. And I’m so overcome with gratitude I could burst y’all.

Not so long ago, I didn’t know exactly what Critique Partners were. Well, I knew what they were. I just didn’t know what they did. To be honest, I’m still not sure if all of them go above and beyond and are as awesome as mine. Because I gotta tell y’all, mine are some serious kinds of awesome. So what’s the point of this note, Caisey, other than to gush about your fantastically fabulous CPs?

It’s this. If you are in this writing and/or self-publishing business trying to “go it alone,” stop it. Stop it right now. Get some betas (the people who read your early drafts, not the fish–though actually I have both) and return the favor. If you have other writers you mesh well with, ask them if they’re interested in being CPs. It will CHANGE.YOUR.LIFE. And no, I don’t mean just the ones who say “great story, love it!” I mean the ones who say things like “dialogue tags are our friends,” and “pardon me while I rewrite your ending.” The ones who push you to make your manuscript the best it can be are the ones you will cherish forever. (And cling to, cry to, and argue with.) They don’t necessarily have to be writers of the same genre as you, in fact, I would suggest having at least one who isn’t.

So run along now, and go get some great ones! Or send the awesome ones you already have some Twitter love. Or comment and share with us how your CPs are the best things since bacon. 😉

Have more suggestions about CPs? Looking for one? Comment!



3 thoughts on “A Quick Note: Critique Partners or The Best Thing Since Bacon

  1. I’m excited for yours too! 🙂 Without you, my book wouldn’t be ANYWHERE near ready to launch, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you. A million times. Thank you! And thank you for the gorgeous cover & banner!

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