Okay y’all! We’re SIX WEEKS away from the COVER REVEAL and SEVEN WEEKS until the RELEASE of my debut novel, Girl with Guitar!

Starting this week, I’ll be posting Teaser Scenes on my Author Profile Page on Facebook every Tuesday! There will be ARC giveaways and lots of other fun stuff, too!

See you there!


Here’s a sneak peek at TEASER #1: HIRED AT THE RUM ROOM.

“We open at two every afternoon. It’s appetizers only until four when they fire up the grill. Most acts go on at seven. We’re supposed to kick everyone out at midnight but most nights regulars stay till two. Sometimes the bands don’t leave until then and we can’t clean the rooms until they’re gone.”

Her brain was working overtime to retain the information the woman was hurling at her. Basically she’d be working two in the afternoon until two in the morning. Should be a hell of a paycheck. The thought of an apartment of her very own appeared in the back of her mind.

The waitress studied her for a second and then sighed. “Listen, if it’s too much, just finish out tonight and don’t come back. No hard feelings I swear—this ain’t for everyone.”



2 thoughts on “TEASER TUESDAYS!

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