First of all, BIG GIANT THANK YOU to each and every  one of you who have helped out with the Cover Reveal, Book Release Bash, and Blog Tour! I can’t thank you enough for helping promote my book! Big schmoopy hugs to everyone who’s taken a chance on a debut indie author and bought a copy of Girl with Guitar! Smooches to those of you posting reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, Barnes & Nobles, and your blogs! LOVE Y’ALL SO MUCH!

I am in shock at how well my little book and Kylie & Trace are doing out in the wild. See me?


Yeah, okay, that’s not me. But that is what I look like every time I get an email or Tweet from someone telling me my book has climbed another spot in the rankings on Amazon or that they bought it and loved it and cant’t wait for the next one. I am overwhelmed with shock and awe and gratitude. And like Taylor, who still looks like this 7 Grammy’s in, I still nearly come to tears several dozen emails, Tweets, FB, and GR messages later. I would seriously hug y’all way too tightly for an inappropriate length of time if I could. So *virtual hugs* y’all.

Now, on to some fun & very important stuff. I have contest winners! Many of you may have already gotten emails from me about this if you won. If you see your name on here and you haven’t heard from me, please give a few days to get in touch. I have a sick kiddo right now so I’m not able to be on the computer as much as needed. If you don’t hear from me in a few days, please feel free to email me asking where the heck your prize is! 😉 Thank you for your patience.

In order of event, the giveaway winners are:


Melissa Bragg

Christine LaCombe

Vanessa N

Mimi Lovell

Cristi Riquelme

Karen Gagnon

Jessica Nollkamper

Mary Bilowus

Kim Kimbrough

Jenny Schaber


Forever My Girl by Heidi McLaughlin – Desirae Shie

Give Me Something by Elizabeth Lee – Aman P.

Love in Darkness by E.M. Tippetts – Winner coming from E.M. (she handled rafflecopter)

Girl with Guitar Signed Paperback – Tracy Graczykowski


(signed paperbacks)

Brianna McGee

Jennifer Garthwaite


Girl with Guitar eBook & iTunes Card – Alexandra Cruz

Girl with Guitar Signed Paperback & Swag Prize Pack – Lindsay Wakefield

*Please Note: Cover Reveal & Facebook Contest Winners have already been contacted & prizes have been sent. If you think you won either the Cover Reveal or FB contest and DID NOT receive your prize, please contact me via email. 

I think that’s everyone! If you believe I owe you a prize and your name is not on here, please contact me using one of the channels listed on my contact page. (Email is quickest).

If you are on here and have not heard from me, please give me just a few days to get in touch!

Congratulations & Thank You All For Your Love & Support!


Caisey Q.



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