Fan Appreciation Giveaway: Help Girl with Guitar Make it to the Top 100!

400428_563705870347911_1265885191_nOkay y’all, here’s my desperate cry for help! Since indie authors don’t have marketing teams, I rely on you precious people to help me out with spreading the word about Girl with Guitar! Please, pretty please will you help Trace & Kylie make it to the top 100 on Amazon? They’ve come really close, hitting as low as 292 this week! Go them! With your help, I know they can do it!

I know many of you have already bought the book, and some of you have even bullied your friends and relatives into buying it! (BIG HUGS for that by the way!) Now I just need you to help me spread the word to the rest of the world! No biggie, right?

Actually IT IS a big, huge, gigantic deal! It means the world to me when y’all take the time to Tweet or Post to Facebook about my book! And those of you who take the time to write reviews and post them on your blogs, Facebook, Amazon, Barnes & Noble. GoodReads, etc. Well…y’all are too many types of awesome for me to count! The things you do to help authors out really do make a difference. And since you do this stuff just because you’re fantastic like that and not because anyone’s paying you to, I wanted to host a special Fan Appreciation Giveaway just for you!

Many of you have already done the necessary requirements for entry into the giveaway! Just include the links where applicable so I know about it!

Enter Fan Appreciation Giveaway HERE

AND, since I’ve gotten so much love & support (offers of next borns and even some threats of violence) about the second book in Kylie’s story, I’m offering the VERY FIRST ARC as one of the prizes in the giveaway! It *should* be available in mid July. 😉

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 12.56.25 PM

More fun stuff: The first 2o people who enter the giveaway AND post a new GwG review on Amazon will receive a special VIP Pass bookmark with the code to Kylie’s Private VIP Fan page. Lot’s of goodies there! (Be sure to include the link to your review in the giveaway entry).

If and when Girl with Guitar receives 100 reviews on Amazon, I’ll post a deleted scene here and on Facebook!

AND if Girl with Guitar makes it to the Top 100 on Amazon, I’ll post the the exclusive Girl on Tour sneak peek debuting Kylie’s brand new song and, er, Trace’s “reaction” to it. Warning: Grab something to fan yourself with first!

Thank y’all so much for your love, support. and friendship! I thank you, Kylie & Trace thank you, and indie authors everywhere thank you! Even if we don’t make it to the Top 100, y’all are the best, most wonderful fans/readers/friends a girl could have! Love y’all!

BIG HUGS, Caisey Q.


2 thoughts on “Fan Appreciation Giveaway: Help Girl with Guitar Make it to the Top 100!

  1. Loved this book. I have told everyone I can about it and to read it ASAP. It would be absolutely amazing if you could get someone to record these songs and sell them on your website or iTunes. They are terrific songs!

    • I wish! My brother (a musician) helped me with the mechanics of songwriting but he hates country music and won’t record them!! Must find someone to do this! 😉

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