Girl with Guitar is on Sale!

First, big ol’ hugs to y’all helping out with the Fan Appreciation Giveaway! Y’all have worked so hard to spread the word and help Girl with Guitar make it to the Top 100! Psst…we’re almost there, currently at #114. Squeeeee!!

In addition to the FA Giveaway, to celebrate 1000 Facebook Likes and 1000 Twitter Followers, I’ve placed GwG on sale! So another way you can help is to spread the word that Girl with Guitar, both the eBook and Paperback edition, are on sale at Amazon! (Next week they’ll be on sale at Barnes & Noble and Kobo!)

Feel free to share the graphic on your Facebook pages, blogs, etc. Y’all are seriously the best a girl could ask for! *SQUEEZES YOU RIDICULOUSLY HARD!*

Click Graphic to visit Sales Page on Amazon!

Click Graphic to visit Sales Page on Amazon!


2 thoughts on “Girl with Guitar is on Sale!

  1. I just finished reading Girl with Guitar and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it! It was so refreshing to have a female heroine that actually stood up for herself! Definitely no ‘damsel in distress’ here. It was also great to see that whilst she may not have had the easiest road in life, she didn’t allow that to get her down. Can’t wait for the sequel 🙂

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