Just Breathe by Rachel Brookes

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Title: Just Breathe

Author: Rachel Brookes

Genre: Romance

Age Group: New Adult

Release Date: July 5th, TODAY Y’ALL!!

Purchase: Amazon

Debut indie author Rachel Brookes is a card carrying member of the Love Junkies! So she was kind enough to participate in this Q&A about her novel, Just Breathe!

What inspired you to write Just Breathe?

I am a stubborn Australian who had a big dream to release a book. I have been writing in some form my whole life and in February this year I opened my laptop and began typing and Just Breathe came out.

My inspiration for Just Breathe came from real life. Life is like a crazy rollercoaster and it takes you on a ride to the greatest heights and the lowest lows. Sometimes things happen and you have the choice to either sink or swim. I, as the majority of people, have experienced things that have tested me. Not to go into my personal life too much but I have definitely experienced emotions that Savannah has experienced and I wanted to write a story to show people that even when life isn’t going to plan, you’ve still got to have hope that things will get better, but you’ve got to give it a chance and that’s how Just Breathe came about. I hope that’s what readers get out of it. 

If your book had a theme song, what would it be? 

When I wrote Just Breathe, I had about 50 songs on my playlist but the one that I think fits them so well would be We are broken by Paramore

Who or what typically gets your creative juices flowing? 

Hot guys, the perfect song and an endless supply of Tim Tams…. Music is essential in my writing process. I cannot write in silence and I have playlists for every work in progress I have. I listen to the playlist in headphones and write. It could be a lyric, a beat or a song title that helps. 

What type of research did you do for this novel?

Google is my best friend. Because I am Australian, I had to research everything about the USA, from what LA was like, to what football teams were called, and the funniest thing was translating what I would say compared to that of Americans. It was a ride. Fairy floss = cotton candy, washer = wash cloth, thongs = flip flops. It still cracks me up. Google has become my new best friend for research, you should see my search history! 

Do you have any rituals or routines you follow when writing or preparing to write a novel?

 I must have music playing, I cannot write in silence and I always make sure I read my synopsis before I begin typing anything new.

What’s your ideal writing set up? Time of day/night? Location? Snacks? 

I usually sit on my lounge, I do have an office but because I live on my own my lounge becomes my office and my lounge room floor is covered with pieces of paper, photos of inspiration and wrappers of my favourite snacks . I am constantly tapping in notes into my phone when inspiration hits. I usually do most of my writing late at night and I usually snack on Tim Tams, M & M’s and Freckles. Thank god for my gym membership. 

What’s your worst writing distraction?

Facebook and Twitter… seriously I am so addicted and I am so easily distracted.

What can readers look forward to from you in the future?

The final book ‘Breathe Again’ will be released before the end of the year, BUT there maybe a little something special between Just Breathe and Breathe Again that I am working on. I also have another series of books begging to be written which will be released early 2014. Tate and Savannah are definitely my focus at the moment but the other characters in my head are very stubborn and wanting to be unleashed.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to write and/or publish a book?

You must read. Read your favourite authors, discover news authors and genres. Find out what you like, what you are comfortable writing, what you could never imagine yourself writing. Just do it. I have started numerous stories that I have pushed to the side because Just Breathe took over everything. Join twitter, its hands down the best thing I have done. I have made amazing friends, met awesome people and found a sounding board of like-minded people. Write for yourself and listen to the characters overtaking your mind, they know what they want.

*Speed Round*

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate Pizza… two of my favourite things combined in one!

Can’t Live Without: lip gloss, chocolate and Google

#1 on Bucket List: Live on a ranch in the Midwest of the USA for a month.

Celebrity Crush: my Number one crush at the moment is Chris Hemsworth, he is all types of delicious

Something Not Many People Know about You: I played drums and sang in a band in my teens

Theme Song of Your Life: I am Mine by Pearl Jam ❤

Embarrassing Turn on: a good aftershave… if you walk past me and I smell your aftershave, I’m turning around to ogle at you!




For Savannah Rae, living life without her parents was unimaginable. But being blamed for her first love’s suicide? That destroyed every part of who she was. 

Gone were the days of innocence, happiness, and dreams. Now her days simply meant attempting to survive. In her mind, her only means for that was replacing her grief with men, booze and the fast life. And for five years, it worked. 

When an opportunity to leave the nightmares of her past in Australia opens up, she takes it. Los Angeles beckons – with hopes of late nights, new beginnings, and the promise of a string of endless men to distract her, she can’t wait to dive in.

One thing she didn’t count on was meeting her match.

In the eyes of outsiders, Tate Connors has it all; the ultimate LA bachelor who is content with his lifestyle of wild nights, women and one night stands. He’s Mr. Unpredictable with looks that could destroy any woman with one glance.

 The craziness of Los Angeles throws them into the chaotic path of each other. Savannah becomes the perfect game, and Tate becomes the ultimate prey. Lines are crossed, emotions are smashed, and the idea of who they truly are begins to be tangled.

However, one thing will become clear.

They are more alike than either one could ever have imagined.


I stiffened as soon as I felt someone stand way too close behind me. I knew that I was the only one waiting for the lift, so why the hell did they feel the need to stand this close? I could feel the person’s breath on the back of my neck and I could feel the heat of the person’s body against me. Mix a lack of sleep, a lack of substantial food for eighteen hours and an inconsiderate person stealing my personal space, and you’ve got one very angry Australian ready to pounce.
I was ready to explode at the creep who had decided my personal space was not important, but I lost all ability to speak when I swung around. My perfect prey was within inches of me, his deep blue eyes watching me and drawing me in. My body ignited and I was sure that he could feel the lust that was oozing off my body. A smirk lingered on the lips I wanted to nibble, and the way his body was so close to mine stunned me into submission.
I stepped into the awaiting lift and knew by the way my body came alive that he was close behind me, sans the giggling girl. My back pressed hard against the cold metal wall opposite him. We didn’t say a word too each other but we didn’t have to. Leaning against the wall with his masculine arms folded over his chest, his eyes burned holes in mine and I was lost in theintensity of his gaze. A soft sigh escaped my lips as his eyes ran up and down my body again, and the moment he bit his bottom lip, I nearly lost all control right there in the lift. I felt my body scorch under his gaze, and I couldn’t deny the reaction I had to him. He was quite possibly the most attractive man I had ever had the pleasure of staring at, and I wanted him in every sense of the word.“This is my stop,” I whispered as the lift halted to a jerky stop. The door slowly opened, but it didn’t eradicate the electricity that was firing between us. My breath escaped me as soon as he took a slow step toward me, breaking the space I had put between us. I felt the heat between us soar. His hand swung behind me and he pounded the stop button to cease the door closing. His eyes were searching every inch of my face and I sighed again as his eyes hovered over my mouth. His lips curved at the sound of my sigh, he was clearly enjoying the trauma he was putting my body through. The thought of ripping his clothes off like a wild animal and taking him in the lift almost overcame me. His intense eyes didn’t leave me as he leaned down toward me. I watched his lips closely as they made their way toward me in all of their pink and pouty glory, that bottom lip…god, I’d love to bite it. I took a deep breath as I felt his breath on my ear. “I’ll be seeing you,” he murmured in a voice that was deep, gravelly and intoxicating. The feeling of promise lingering in his words excited every inch of my now highly responsive body.
I stepped out of the lift with shaky legs, almost forgetting to wheel my suitcase behind me. I didn’t hesitate; I turned to bask in his glory one last time. He rested against the back wall of the lift with a confidence that made me nervous. Guys never made me nervous, so this was a strange feeling to have butterflies circling my stomach. I bit my lip and focused my eyes on his as he gave me his best panty-dropping smile and I threw one back at him. The tension between us was increasing by the second. The apartment could be on fire and I wouldn’t have noticed, I’d still be standing here, having a smirk-off with him. The glass doors shut in front and broke the tension around me. My conversation with Mr. Davenport started replaying in my head. How was I going to resist what I had left in the lift?


Rachel Brookes

Rachel Brookes is from a coastal town on the east coast of Australia where beaches, kangaroos and surfers roam free. She writes angst ridden love stories with a pinch of craziness, a dash of drama, a cup of romance, a spoonful of sexiness and the main ingredient hot guys. Rachel sometimes forgets to eat, sometimes forgets to sleep and sometimes can’t remember the last time she cleaned her apartment but that’s because she is in a long term relationship with her laptop and they are constantly writing together.  When she does step away from her laptop she can be found taking too many photos, making scrumptious cocktails, laughing at Adam Sandler movies and spending her time with her amazing family and friends. With her first novel, Just Breathe, due to be released in July 2013, her dream of releasing a book will become reality. With another three books already taking up her mind, she cannot wait to start this crazy ride.








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