RECENT REVIEWS OF Girl with Guitar

“Completely amazing story that had my heart twisted up and tears slipping down my cheek.”  -Michelle Cole, The Blushing Reader

“The country aspect to this book is what I enjoyed the most. It gave the story quite an endearing and charming feel. I truly felt connected to these characters and the dialogue was so natural that I, at many times, felt a part of it. Trace and Kylie’s story was intense without being over-the-top, and sweet without ever becoming sappy. Definitely an enjoyable read and I look forward to more from this author!”
-Kris (KC) GoodReads

“Girl With Guitar gave me everything I could possibly want. A misunderstood hero. A feisty heroine. Amazing chemistry. Fun moments mixed with the steamy. And real, authentic growth for both of my main characters. Great lyrics provided the soundtrack to this country love story that made me laugh out loud, swoon, and even tear up. Can’t ask for more than that :)”
 -Rachel Harris, Author My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century

“Girl with Guitar is a quick, tension filled read- I really liked it a lot! Normally I can’t stand heroines with backbones, but Kylie and Trace worked so well together that I found myself rooting for her.”
-Taryn, My Secret Romance

“I can’t recommend this highly enough. A few days ago I got to meet Abbi Glines briefly. She and I talked about her career and mine, and I had the chance to hand her a book. I could have handed her one of mine. I handed her this one instead.” 
– Emily Tippetts, Author

“This is a wonderful story of courage and growth; about finding the courage to go after the things you want.”
-Jaclyn (GoodReads)

“I had a lump in my throat on the first page! I got sucked into Kylie’s world right from the beginning, when she stood up on stage singing I was right up there with her. I even found myself trying to put a tune to her songs! The anger, the tension, the sexual chemistry between Kylie & Trace sizzled right off the page.”
Andrea Stafford (GoodReads)

“This is a story about being in the right place at the right time and not losing sight of your dreams. It’s about being in love and having your heart broken and securing your future. Even if you aren’t a country music fan, you will still enjoy this story because everyone can relate to it. Everyone has been in love, had their heart broken and really didn’t know what the future would hold. It’s about not being afraid to chase your dreams even if you feel the world is against you.”
 -Laura Helder, Fictional Boyfriends

“Kylie Ryans is the kind of heroine you shout out loud for. Her spunky attitude and quick witted one liners had me gasping for breath a many times.”
-Brooke Freeman (GoodReads)

“Ok so I purchased this book this morning and got so into the story I completely neglected my children and husband today 🙂 I could NOT put it down. I am so looking forward to the second book.”
– Jamie G (Amazon)

“The writing is wonderfully addictive. The story never slowed down. I stayed glued to the pages the whole time I was reading it, and now that it’s over I want more!
– Erica (Sashay Reviews)

“Girl with Guitar is an enchanting story about two lonely people trying to find themselves as they also try to carve their paths in life. I cried, I laughed, I wanted to chuck my Kindle at Trace’s head, and most importantly, I fell in love with two characters who will stay will me for a long time.”
-Tessa (Tessa’s Take)

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